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Mara Correa started her work placement for her Master’s Degree in Digital Law and Artificial Intelligence in April and we asked her to tell us about her experience.


Hi! My name is Mara Correa and I’m part of Altia’s Legal Department.

I enrolled in the bilingual version of the University of A Coruña’s Law Degree in 2018. I graduated in June last year and in September I started the programme that would bring me to Altia: the Master’s Degree in Digital Law and Artificial Intelligence (MUDDIA), also at the University of A Coruña. I am currently working at Altia with a collaboration scholarship from the Venancio Salcines Foundation.

I didn’t really know much about the industry before starting the Master’s Degree. I found out about Altia and other tech companies when I checked the list of MUDDIA partners. In January, long before we started talking about work placements in the Master’s programme, I discovered that Altia was looking for someone for its Legal Department and I decided to find out more about the company. The offer fit perfectly with what I was looking for in terms of professional development, so I decided to get in touch. Just as I liked the offer, my manager liked my profile, so in April I joined the company to do my work placement.

Mara Correa

Mara Correa - Legal Department

Altia Digital Hub - The Starter Program For Digital Talent

The first few days were indeed overwhelming. I had to get up to speed on how the company worked, the branches of law it operates in, the latest corporate transactions and other information concerning the company. But, at the same time, there were my new colleagues in the office, who were a very supportive and helpful team from the get-go. Without a doubt, I have to highlight my colleague Lorena’s support, who always made sure I had everything I needed and taught me everything I needed to know. I felt really welcome and very grateful for the opportunity.

The day I joined I was welcomed by Nuria Caamaño, from the Talent team, who told me what AltiaDigitalHub was all about and I remember the good feeling I got when I learned there was a group dedicated to promoting integration dynamics among trainees, regardless of their department. I attended a couple of link-ups and I could see and feel the good vibes from the start of the Zoom meeting. They also propose different talks by experts for the more technical profiles, which, although for a role like mine would be very specialised, I think is a great initiative.

Honestly, I wasn’t aware of the company’s size and the large number of employees it has. And I wouldn’t have imagined they had a project like AltiaDigitalHub either!

My professional growth since joining Altia has unquestionably been exponential. It’s the first time that I have a job related to my studies, so I’m able to brush up on what I learned at university, as well as all the new and more specific content from my Master’s Degree.

On a personal level, starting to work has made me feel that I have matured in certain ways, without prejudice to the sense of independence gained by this experience.

If I had to sum up my experience in a few words, they would be:

  • Learning, because of the knowledge I’m acquiring day by day from my colleagues.
  • Growth, both personal and professional.
  • Team spirit, because of the good environment at the company.