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Enrique Cerviño, Vigo office

1. Why did you choose Altia for your internship?
I remember when I was studying DAM, our colleague Rolando Caldas came to the center to give us a talk in which he explained what it was like to work in Altia. I found it very interesting, answered all our questions, and it was the only company with which we could have that first hand contact, which completed the references we already had of the company through the web and RRSS.

2. How were your first days?
It was my first contact with the ICT sector, and the truth is that I was surprised by the good atmosphere with my direct colleagues and in the office in general, I felt very clothed. I was very close to Javier Padín and helped me a lot in all the doubts that arose. If you ask, you have answers; there is always someone willing to help.

3. How was your experience in the AltiaDigitalHub program?
Very good! I think my experience with the AltiaDigitalHub program was a good way to lay the foundation for learning anything that comes in the future.
Those three months of internships let you glimpse what you can do, starting from the basic knowledge you have of your training, you get fast and that's exciting; seeing that there is still more, motivates you to keep improving.

4.- Did you imagine it like this?
No, I had professional experience in other fields, but I didn't expect it that way. The workload is very well organized, and that freedom and autonomy you are given to be able to do your job, to be able to do things your way, makes me feel valued and recognized.

5. What do you think you've evolved into?
I think I have acquired that computational thinking, the basis of logic that allows me to face new challenges and adapt easily. I have acquired a common basis that allows me to adapt to any technology with the POO.

6.- If you had to define your experience in 3 words, what would they be?
Equipment, growth and technicality.