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The exceptional circumstances faced by companies as a result of the health crisis have forced a rethinking of business models.

Many companies have been forced to accelerate the digitization of their systems in order to continue their business efficiently.

Transport and logistics has been one of the sectors that has had the greatest impact on its dynamics, seeing the control needs of management and distribution processes multiplied. In order to delve into the challenges and opportunities arising from this situation, on July 2, Altia held the online session: The digital revolution comes to logistics. Digitization of distribution chains, which explained how with Altia Control Tower, the logistics sector can increase its efficiency and be more competitive.

Ramón Costa, Director of Managed Services at Altia, opened the event by introducing Altia Logistic Software, "born in 2017, exclusively, to bring together activities related to the digitization of the supply chain". It does so through Altia Control Tower, a solution that "is currently being used by five large distribution groups as shippers and about 100 transport companies, with coverage in 37 countries".

In his speech, Ramón also reviewed the current situation of Altia, a company that implements solutions in Cloud Computing or Data Analytics, with a turnover of 115 million euros and locations in 7 countries, 800 customers, and 2,000 employees after the acquisition of Noesis.

Altia Control Tower

Next, Iago Rodriguez, Business Development Altia Logistic, opened his speech by explaining that Altia Control Tower "acts as areal time control of  assets, vehicles or goods".The advantage of this tool -with 11 logistics management modules- lies in "the ability to generate a collaborative network with the different agents involved in the operation of transport management". So much so, which points out that, after adapting to this product, "a collaboration within the companies is now present where as before they were previously seen as competitors" has developed.

The expert also wanted to highlight that Altia Control Tower generates "an extra point of value to the Logistics and Transport department, as it reduces costs and improves the customer experience".

After the explanation, Angel Losada, Manager of Altia Logistic, took the floor to give a live demonstration of the operation of the Control Tower. Those attending the session were able to see the simple handling of the tool, from the point of view of the data loader on its desktop version and, on the other hand, how to work with the mobile application from the perspective of the carrier.

Finally, Iago Rodríguez wanted to share the results obtained by one of its clients in the retail sector, which experienced an increase in its turnover but faced a problem due to lack of integration of its corporate systems, something that made communication difficult. With Altia Control Tower, this company achieved savings of 1.75 million euros of which 1.2 million were attributed exclusively to the 500 extra transports that they did not have to carry out. In parallel, emergency spending was reduced by 80%, traffic fines and penalties by 90%, and 10,150 hours of administrative support were saved.

If you missed the session, you can watch it here.

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