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Altia has been selected for taking on intergenerational goals and supporting young people in their transition to working life.

Our AltiaDigitalHub AltiaDigitalHub programme has made us eligible for this award, in which 40 companies from around the world have been selected.

AltiaDigitalHub aims to boost talent and change the way technology is understood among recent graduates or students. Its aim is to promote talent, with full integration into the company through tools and sub-programmes that support professional and personal development, focusing on the future and on individual growth.

The people who are part of ADH collaborate first-hand on innovative projects. They delve into current technological trends that have a direct impact on society, with the support of subject-area experts in a collaborative environment that fosters continuous improvement.

The Ranking of Companies Committed to Youth is an award from the International Ibero-American Youth Organisation (OIJ) and the International Organisation of Human Capital Managers (DCH). It brings together private sector entities and companies that promote the recruitment of young talent within the company, have internal policies to enhance their empowerment and training and have direct investments in public programmes for young people. 

“It has always been our aim to provide added value to all those who come to us for their first professional experience. We have worked on the continuous improvement of the AltiaDigitalHub programme to adapt to their needs and offer them the best of Altia Angela Souto, Talent Adquisition Manager de Altia.