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Altia will once again be part of the IBEX BME Growth 15 previously known as IBEX MAB® 15, the benchmark for growing companies of the renamed BME Growth (formerly Alternative Stock Market -MAB), starting on September 21.

With this reinstatement to the (old) index that brings together the fifteen companies with the highest contracting volume of BME Growth, Altia regains its position in this stock reference index.

New BME Growth, a market of 15 billion

Moreover, in addition to changing the market name, BME has achieved recognition for this market of the European category of SME Growth Market, referred to in Spain as the Expanding SME Market, as a way to help smaller companies achieve recurring financing. According to BME, this new category is part of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) initiative and is listed in MiFID II to boost the financing of smaller companies through their presence in financial markets.

Belonging to this category guarantees that the quality and transparency standards of this market (BME Growth) are homogeneous with those of other European Growth Markets.At the same time, this status allows for certain reliefs in obligations in matters such as the maintenance of insider lists required by market abuse regulation, or the possibility of using simpler prospectus models to raise funds and to move from the Growth market to the Continous market.

BME created the Alternative Stock Market (MAB), now converted into BME Growth, in 2006 as a Multilateral Trading System for the SME segment. Supervised by CNMV, today hosts 117 companies with a joint stock market capitalization of more than 15 billion euros.

Since its establishment, companies traded on this market have achieved financing worth 4,586 million euros and have distributed 479 million euros in dividends and other remuneration among their shareholders. The index of the 15 most liquid companies in this market has been revalued by 81% since its inception.

The companies that joined this market last year attracted financing of 1,530million euros between new incorporations and capital increases. A total of 21 companies joined the BME Growth in 2019 and five more companies have joined during 2020.

Altia considers these changes to be very positive as they reinforce its position when it comes to financing itself by offering international investors guarantees comparable to those provided by other growing European markets.