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Altia and NETEX will create digital content in a Virtual Learning Environment (EVA) for teachers and students of Primary and Secondary Education. The Ministry of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands awarded the project.

The UTE integrated by Altia and NETEX’s Knowledge, a company specialized in applications and services for the creation of intelligent educational content, will be responsible for the implementation and creation of digital and interactive teaching materials in a Virtual Learning Environment in primary and secondary schools of the Canary Islands.

Altia Canarias

The project aims to digitize the educational environment of the Canary Islands having been awarded by the Department of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands to the UTE . In this way, it will provide the educational community with digital tools and resources that promote innovation in schools and promote the simplification of teaching.

The UTE formed by Altia and NETEX that aims to provide services related to the production of these teaching materials for both teachers and students, will be responsible for the implementation of the system. The services include the implementation of learning and work tools that integrate all agents of the educational community, the development of an educational resource management platform, the creation of a personal learning kit and ensuring the authorship of digital productions produced by students and the teaching staff. In addition, the project contemplates the development of new applications and educational tools, as well as the implementation of improvements in the existing ones.

“From Altia, we want to promote the digital development in the educational environment, offering, in this case, intelligent solutions to both teachers and students of the Canary Islands”, said Tino Fernandez, president of Altia. “The Project responds to our obsession with developing initiatives that provide citizens with the necessary skills to develop fully in the digital field”.

From the Ministry of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands, the importance of the project has been highlighted: “The availability of digital educational content will facilitate, on the one hand, the transition from analogue to the digital and on the other, a transition of a linear education marked by the textbook and, based on the memorization of contents for later reproduction, to other more innovative teaching models”.