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‘Tecnólog@ por un día’ (Technologist for a day) is an initiative within the framework of DigiTalent, the Digital Talent Promotion Plan of Galicia, a region in Spain’s northwest.

Today we had some very special visitors in our offices in A Coruña, Santiago, Vigo and in our Data Centre: 24 high school students spent a morning sharing our passion for technology in the 9th edition of ‘Tecnólog@ por un día’.

Tecnólog@ por un día is a programme by Galicia’s Agency for Technological Modernisation (AMTEGA) that aims to promote interest in STEAM and in digital professions among high school students.

Throughout the morning, the students got to know our professionals and how they’ve developed within the company, as well as what they studied to get there. They also had tech talks, such as about Altia Control Tower, our transport management solution, and about the highly topical issue of how to train an algorithm. Some lucky students were also able to visit part of our Data Centre in Vigo or participate in one of our teams’ daily meetings. 

Though of course they also learned about other areas of the company: on this occasion they spent some time with our talent team, which showed them another way of working in a tech company without being a technology specialist. 

As always, we are delighted to welcome the professionals of tomorrow and hope that we have done our bit for the future of STEM careers.