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In recent years, we have been seeing more and more organisations migrating to a SaaS model. We spoke to Mónica Rial, project manager, about this trend.

Migration to SaaS, cloud services and pay-as-you-go applications is a reality in more and more organisations.

All these services offer companies multiple advantages, such as greater accessibility at lower cost, more scalability, redundancy... Tools now also offer more and more configuration and integration options, enhancing interconnection between different platforms and automation of a large part of the processes that used to be carried out manually.

The pandemic and then the economic crisis spurred the shift to cloud services. The pros of working in the cloud, and in particular with SaaS, are many:


  • Easy deployment.
  • Security and high availability from the get-go.
  • Hardware renewal savings.
  • Energy savings.
  • Licences.
  • Native SaaS solutions.

Moreover, in many cases it is essential to have at least a second service provider. This way, in case of problems in the main data centre, you can switch to the other provider and SaaS solutions are the most efficient option.

Mónica Rial

Mónica Rial

Project Manager