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This week we have been daring, changing the traditional interview model thanks to a Lego dynamic.

We started the week boldly, with the intention of varying the traditional model of interview with a Lego dynamic.

Our guinea pigs were the students of the ETSE who during these days get in touch with different companies to assess which is the best option in which to carry out their academic internships.

The dynamic consisted of a team competition, in which a total of five groups had to put all their skills on the table and make the correct choices to take the challenge.

Through this exercise you can evaluate the organization and planning required of each team. It also makes it easier for students to see the similarities with respect to a real project and to value the qualities that emerge from working in a group, through a more didactic and fun activity.

Thank you to all participants!

Dinámica de Lego 1-Altia digital Hub
Dinámica Lego 2 - Altia Digital Hub