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2023: a year of exceptional results and an innovative and sustainable vision of the future

We have seen outstanding financial growth and renewed commitments to innovation and sustainability.

This year we celebrate thirty years of history with a financial performance that has exceeded all expectations and reinforced our commitment to innovation and sustainability. With a turnover of 241 million euros, a 44.3% increase over the previous year, and EBITDA above 25 million euros, a growth of 55.4%, these financial achievements underline our strength and capabilities.

Altia’s net profit stands at 15.4 million euros, which is 50.7% more than in 2022 – a considerable increase in profitability. The strategic integration of Wairbut and Bilbomática has been a crucial factor in strengthening our international presence and improving our portfolio of strategic services like cybersecurity, data analytics and cloud solutions. This has ensured sustained organic growth in all our markets.

The balance sheet also points to our financial strength, with a growth of 6.6% over the previous year and good financial health, as shown by our significant growth in equity and minimal net financial debt. This financial picture lays the foundation for a stable financial future.

In our commitment to sustainability principles, we have integrated ESG criteria in all areas of our business, strengthening our market position and ensuring that our every action and decision has a positive impact on society and the environment.

We face the future with confidence, focusing on innovation as a central pillar of our strategy. Our adoption and application of emerging technologies, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, means we are well-equipped to meet market challenges, lead transformation in the industries we serve and overcome future challenges.