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Alberto Ruibal has been chosen as the winner of the 5th edition of Altia Premia with his project “Android mobile application to help with Crohn’s disease”.

The project will help those affected by the disease improve their quality of life.

Ya tenemos ganador de la V edición de Altia Premia: Alberto Ruibal, con su proyecto Aplicación móvil Android de ayuda en la enfermedad de Crohn. Este reconocimiento demuestra cómo la tecnología puede ser un aliado fundamental en la gestión de enfermedades crónicas y subraya el compromiso de Altia por impulsar el talento y la innovación en la búsqueda de soluciones tecnológicas con un impacto social positivo.

Desde su creación hace cinco años, Altia Premia se ha consolidado como un referente en la promoción de proyectos tecnológicos que aporten soluciones innovadoras a distintos tipos de desafíos, reflejando el firme compromiso de Altia con el fomento del talento y la creatividad en el ámbito tecnológico.

The winner of the 5th edition of Altia Premia has been announced: Alberto Ruibal, with his project “Android mobile application to help with Crohn’s disease”. This award shows how technology can be a key ally in chronic disease management and underlines Altia’s commitment to fostering talent and innovation in the search for technological solutions with a positive social impact.

Since its inception five years ago, Altia Premia has become a benchmark in promoting technological projects that provide innovative solutions to different challenges, reflecting Altia’s firm commitment to fostering talent and creativity in the tech industry.

Improving quality of life

Alberto Ruibal’s project, developed for his final dissertation in his undergraduate degree programme, is a mobile app designed to assist people with Crohn’s disease in monitoring their diet and identifying potentially harmful foods. Through a meticulous analysis of dietary patterns and associated symptoms, this tool allows users to personalise their diet and improve their quality of life. It also includes functionalities to monitor different health parameters, offering a holistic approach to managing the disease.

The Altia Premia jury considered that “Alberto’s work stood out for its thoroughness and professional approach. By including surveys of people with Crohn’s disease, his project pursues a goal of great social value, improving our understanding of the disease and assisting in the detection of flare-ups. His dedication and effort far exceeds what is expected for a student dissertation, demonstrating how adversity can become a driver for personal and professional growth.” The jury members were impressed by the fact that “Alberto has used his personal experience with Crohn’s disease as a catalyst for the development of this app, selflessly putting technology at the service of people. His commitment and enthusiasm have been key to achieving and surpassing the proposed objectives – a turning point in the lives of those living with this disease”.

“I was 15 when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, so when I chose the topic of my dissertation I knew I wanted to make a positive contribution to people suffering from the disease,” said Alberto Ruibal. “When applying for Altia Premia I wanted to give visibility to the project and raise awareness of the disease. I am very grateful to all the people who are using the app and to the healthcare workers who have always supported me. Now I can use the prize money to continue funding the project.”

Our values

“In the 5th edition of the Altia Premia contest, we have witnessed the extraordinary capacity for innovation and the human potential to transform challenges into opportunities,” said Josefina Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sustainability Coordination at Altia. “Alberto Ruibal’s project perfectly embodies the values we promote at Altia: commitment, innovation and technology at the service of social welfare. We are proud to support initiatives that not only advance technology but also make a significant contribution to improving people’s lives."

The 5th Altia Premia underlines the importance of technology as a tool to address the healthcare challenges of our society and recognises the talent and dedication of young innovators, while reinforcing Altia’s commitment to developing technology solutions that have a real impact on our communities.

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