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Automation has been a trend for several years, but now we are moving towards integral company automation. We spoke with Javier Padín, project manager, about its importance.

Cutting down the time spent on tasks, as well as improving accuracy, was fundamental last year and will continue to be so during 2023. More and more tools and developments designed to improve effectiveness and free us from manual processes that take up our time without adding value will be deployed. This will allow us to focus on actions that provide differential and real value: our core business. 

Automation consists of mechanising the manual and repetitive tasks carried out by the human team. When combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning and RPA, we achieve hyperautomation or intelligent automation.

This will allow us, for example, to detect processes whose automation will bring cost savings and improved efficiency. This is a qualitative leap for all types of organisations, both private and public, and all types of departments, as demonstrated by their growth in financial, marketing or human resources processes.

Javier Padín

Javier Padín

Project Manager