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The low-code platform and automation service have come together to deliver improved productivity and efficiency

One of Altia’s main objectives is to commit to strategic alliances that help us lead the process of digital transformation for organisations.

A good example of these alliances are OutSystems and UiPath, our industry-leading partners that help us accelerate our clients’ transformation processes.

What does the alliance announced by the two companies in September mean for us?

It reaffirms that we are following the right strategy, that our commitments to innovation are the right ones, always surrounding ourselves with partners who add value, who continue to grow and who provide us with a wide range of possibilities to continue to meet any challenges down the line.

These are two pioneering companies with innovation in their DNA and a vocation to put technology at the service of business objectives that, in addition, complement and integrate perfectly, offering great potential.

On a technical level, the possibility to manage UiPath software robots within OutSystems applications means:

  • Being able to carry out automated end-to-end processes, with direct RPA management from the OS platform.
  • Delivering intuitive applications that increase efficiency, productivity and ROI in a unified way.
  • Being at the forefront of AI and ML technologies that automate document understanding, image analysis or language analysis and understanding.