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We have closed 2023 with a turnover of 241 million euros, a 44% increase over 2022

With these results, we have beaten all records since the Group’s stablishment, and it’s thanks to the growth of all our lines of business and the consolidation of the accounts of the companies that joined in 2022.

Our EBITDA was 25.2 million euros and net profit reached 15.4 million euros, 50.7% more than the previous year. 

Today we present our financial results for 2023, with a turnover of 241 million euros, which is 44% more than in 2022. Our EBITDA exceeded 25 million euros, a 55.4% increase compared to 2022 (16.2 million euros). In relative terms, our EBITDA margin was 10.4%, compared to 9.7% in 2022.

Organic growth in all markets, the full consolidation of the Wairbut and Bilbomática accounts (which joined the Group in 2022) and the development of strategic areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud services have been the main factors behind this performance – the best in our history since Altia was established 30 years ago.

Net profit amounted to €15.4 m, 50.7% higher than in 2022 (€10.2 m), while the net margin was 6.4% compared to 6.1% in the previous year. We have managed to increase our profitability in a period of great global economic uncertainty.

Looking at our balance sheet, the Group has grown by 6.6% compared to 2022 (from €143.6 m to €153.2 m). The main figures of the balance sheet point to good financial health, with significant resources available and having reached 19.7% growth in equity. As for net financial debt, the difference between 2022 and 2023 is due to debt write-offs carried out during the year (€-7.9 m). 

It should also be noted that the turnover obtained corresponds 53.5% to the Spanish market and 46.5% to the international market, a clear indicator of our commitment to growth abroad.

2023 results

Net profit


50,7% more than in 2022


€ 241M

44% more than in 2022


€ 25,2M

55,4% more than in 2021

Tino Fernández

“These results underline our solid revenue growth and leave us in a healthy position in the IT market in the year in which we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. We will continue to move forward with determination and passion on this exciting journey towards our team’s personal and professional development and towards the growth of our clients, always betting on innovation and sustainability".

Constantino Fernández · CEO

“The synergies from the integration processes in recent years have strengthened our turnover across the board, with revenue growth and improved profitability, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategy and the entire team’s commitment to the Group’s objectives.”

Ignacio Cabanas · CFO

Ignacio Cabanas