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We have closed 2022 with a turnover of 167 million euros

Today we present our 2022 income statement with a turnover of 167 million euros, which partially includes the income from Wairbut and Bilbomática, both companies we acquired last summer.

Consolidated EBITDA reached €16.3 m compared to €13.7 m in 2021, up 19%, and our net profit was €10.2 m compared to €8.7 m in 2021, up 19.3%. So, in 2022 we have seen record figures in terms of revenue, EBITDA and net profit since the company’s formation in 1994.

We also highlight the significant growth in the company’s talent pool, which today comprises a team of almost 3200 people. This positions us as a leading company in the tech industry.

Another milestone over this period has been the boost to our international reach, thanks to Bilbomática’s solid and reputed position in European Agencies. In fact, the Group already works with practically all European Agencies and our aim is to continue to grow in this segment. In the coming years, international business will be key, which will lead us to face the challenge of managing increasingly diverse and geographically distant stakeholders.

Altia continues to be a financially sound company and the outlook for the coming year is good, once the acquisition adjustments take hold.

“In a complex environment, we have grown and new people have joined the project, new concerns and needs have arisen, as well as new approaches, perspectives and also new markets in which we were not present and where we can have a positive impact; therefore, we can conclude that the balance is very positive” said Constantino Fernández, Altia’s CEO.

“We remain committed to the business model, and the milestones we have reached in 2022 are just one more episode in a project undergoing solid and continuous growth. Our values are the same, with our focus on people and our clients, on their needs and challenges, on their processes concluded Fernández.