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Contruction and implantation of XEITO for CIXTEC

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: Amtega

Solution: Contruction and implantation of XEITO


In April 2010, a new version of the XEITO Information System for the integrated management of Taxes in the Community of Galicia was implemented in production.

Due to the magnitude and impact of the changes made, it was considered appropriate to rename the application as' XEITO2'.


The change from XEITO to XEITO2 meant a series of important changes for the application, such as the new accounting subsystem, changes in the management of postponements / fragmentation, the unification of the historical of the different taxes, changes in the collection department for the entry into force of the new General Collection Regulation, in addition to the changes in design and navigation on the screens of the application, in order to improve them.