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Did you know that we are working with the via satellite connection vehicles? Did you know that we helped to improve the quality life of arthrosis patients? Or that we actively participated in cities transformation?

Because we are sure that unifying our talent, we will change the way to see things.

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We are a leading company with 24 years of experience, with an innovative and global perspective, always based on the development of people.

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TIC employment
Digital talent, the most sought after
altiacompany | 20 August

The digital economy and the transformation of business models has led to the emergence of a number of functions and jobs that were previously non-existent or

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Communication as a tool
Communication as a tool
altiacompany | 24 July

Three tips on the good use of communication. By Diego Perdomo, Program Analyst in Altia.  Throughout my professional career I have discovered tools and

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Girls day at the ICT
altiacompany | 26 April

The international girls day in ICT, aims to create a global environment that empowers girls and young women and encourages them to consider a career in the

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Very, very close to you
altiacompany | 03 April

Why do we want to meet you? Human capital is already considered a key element in the success of any business project. And we know that part of that digital

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Digital Talent Altia
New Year and new opportunities. Ready for a new impulse?
altiacompany | 23 January

Where to start? If you have decided that it is time for a professional change, to boost your career or to choose the right path and approach, there are some

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Start your professional path in the IT field
altiacompany | 08 May

The key is in our employees, those who we take the chance 100% on developing a professional career with us, in a successful technologic environment and with

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