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Did you know that we are working with the via satellite connection vehicles? Did you know that we helped to improve the quality life of arthrosis patients? Or that we actively participated in cities transformation?

Because we are sure that unifying our talent, we will change the way to see things.

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We are a leading company with 24 years of experience, with an innovative and global perspective, always based on the development of people.

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I Altia Premia
Exhibitions of the TFG of the First Altia ETSE USC AWARD
ana.sancheztembleque | 24 January

The five finalists of the I #AltiaPremia TFG of the ETSE Universidade de Santiago de Compostela have made their presentations to the jury composed by

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Guillermo nos cuenta su experiencia de prácticas AltiaDigitalHub
We talk to AltiaDigitalHub : Guillermo Martín Villar
ana.sancheztembleque | 21 January

1.-Why did you choose Altia for your internship?Because it was the only company that clearly stated that there were possibilities of incorporation. 2.-

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Feria de empresas de ingeniería
XII Forum of Computer Companies in the ETSE
ana.sancheztembleque | 10 January

Choosing an internships is always a difficult decision, so the Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSE) of Santiago hosted, once again, the XII Forum of

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Five finalists for the First Altia Premia
ana.sancheztembleque | 20 December

This week, the First Altia Premia jury of the ETSE, made up of professionals from Altia and the ETSE itself (the University of Santiago de Compostela's

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altia forma a sus empleados en MicroStrategy
Training in Business Intelligence, key to talent retention
altiacompany | 03 December

Training is not something that should stop once a professional finish his degree and entering the labor market, but it is something that should be encouraged

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Dinámicas Teambuilding con Lego Serious Play
We apply Lego Serious Play for Teambuilding Dynamics
altiacompany | 03 October

Yesterday, the Altia selection team had a Team Building session using the Lego Serious Play methodology, with our partner Alejandro Tuñas García as master of

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