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Did you know that we are working with the via satellite connection vehicles? Did you know that we helped to improve the quality life of arthrosis patients? Or that we actively participated in cities transformation?

Because we are sure that unifying our talent, we will change the way to see things.

Professionals Altia

We are a leading company with 24 years of experience, with an innovative and global perspective, always based on the development of people.

A specific program for every talent


Janire García 2
Interview "AltiaDigitalHub Program" - Janire García
andrea.alvarez | 14 July

1. Why did you choose Altia to do your internship?Today we live in a world where technological advances are becoming faster and it is important to adapt to

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Adrián Fernández
Interview "AltiaDigitalHub Program" - Adrián Fernández
andrea.alvarez | 30 June

1. Why did you choose Altia for your internship?The truth is that my college directly assigned me Altia to join the FCT internship from the Network

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Iago Vidal
Interview “AltiaDigitalHub Program” - Iago Vidal
andrea.alvarez | 16 June

1. Why did you choose Altia for your internship? From my school they offered me the possibility of doing my internship in Altia. It was my best choice and the

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Ana Sánchez Tembleque
Interview “AltiaDigitalHub Program” - Ana Sánchez Tembleque
andrea.alvarez | 02 June

1. Why did you choose Altia for your internship?It's always been one of my main choices for an internship. I had very good references of the company.2. How

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Interview “AltiaDigitalHub Program” - Xián Simón Varandas
andrea.alvarez | 21 May

1. Why did you choose Altia for your internship?I studied the FP in Network Information Systems Administration in Vigo, and Altia is a benchmark company. In

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Interview “AltiaDigitalHub Program” Santiago Salvador Rodríguez
andrea.alvarez | 18 May

1. Why did you choose Altia to do your internship?During the third year of my degree, I went to the Technological Forum organized by the university, I got to

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