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The current needs of IT are under an unrelenting and enormous pressure to move faster and be more agile.


The business is asking the IT department to change

Around the world, IT professionals are beginning to understand that the inherited architectures are not able to respond to the business demands of today such as, the dramatic increase of data and the need to deploy new services in a matter of days.

Under these premises there have been appearing in recent years a number of paradigms such as Micro-services, Cloud Computing, Containers and DevOps that make IT departments align with the business finding ways to be more agile and to return value to the business as soon as possible, and therefore increase competitiveness.

Hyper-convergence adds to and complements these paradigms from the point of view of the infrastructure, and simplifies IT operations, allowing the same hardware to jointly manage storage, processing, networks and virtualization./

The Hyper-convergence to be more agile and efficient

Data centers are becoming more complex and the Hyper-convergence enables you to deploy solutions faster eliminating underlying risks to very complex infrastructures that can hide, for example: problems of high network latency, problems of performance, or problems of bandwidth access to centralized storage, based on traditional disks SAS or SATA./

A solution also for the small and medium-sized enterprises/

The Hyper-convergence is also an option for the small and medium-sized organizations. As data centers become increasingly complex, most organizations, mainly small and medium-sized, are looking to get out of data center activity and outsource their IT needs and services.

The objective is to free the internal personnel of the organization to focus more on the activity itself and, as the need for more capacity increases without any type of limit in sight, overwhelmed by the possibility of continuing to invest in expanding the data centers or build new facilities.

In these cases, the Hyper-convergence oriented services, Colocation in external data centers, can be a successful strategy for most organizations.

The road to a real solution

Therefore, the path to the Hyper-convergence is a journey that we must start. A path towards a real solution in many of the scenarios, so that the complexity of our IT infrastructure not condition our performance or the provision of agile services.

Miguel Ares, Project Manager.