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Altia has offered a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that will bring together different advanced solutions and support from our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

The REACT-EU-funded Supercomputing Centre of Castilla y León has awarded us a contract to enhance its cybersecurity, under which we will be supplying and implementing advanced cybersecurity tools and providing support from our Security Operations Centre (SOC), which will allow it to address cyber threats in real time.

Castilla y León’s Supercomputing Centre (SCAyLE) is a public entity created by the regional government and the University of León. It belongs to the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES), and aims to enhance the University’s research lines, research centres and companies in the region. SCAyLE has entrusted Altia with a 60-month project to gain advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect its entire organisation, as well as highly specialised resources to combat potential cyber threats in the coming years.

The project includes the implementation of advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect SCAyLE’s different environments, and next-generation infrastructure that protects the organisation’s entire perimeter with a high-availability perimeter firewall. In addition, an email protection system and an AI-based surveillance and monitoring system for its internal networks will be deployed to detect potentially dangerous patterns, activities and traffic. Altia’s corporate IP network monitoring and analysis system will provide threat awareness, network risk management and the ability to build the appropriate prevention, defence, analysis, investigation, recovery and response capabilities.

Altia will also provide user access protection measures through MFA (multi-factor authentication) solutions to secure remote user access and additional security measures for end-users. Altia will also provide initial installation, parameterisation and advanced configuration services.

In addition, its highly skilled and specialised SOC (Security Operations Centre) team will provide cybersecurity support, which is particularly valuable in the face of scarce resources and increasing system complexity.

“We are really pleased to collaborate with Castilla y León’s Supercomputing Centre in this cybersecurity project,” said Belén Ferreiro, Altia’s Cybersecurity Bussines Manager, and Chema Famelgo, Business Manager. “This collaboration is undoubtedly a step further, reinforcing our commitment to offer cutting-edge, high quality services to public and private companies in today’s critical area of cybersecurity. We offer global cybersecurity solutions to protect all of the client’s environments and provide day-to-day support with our SOC services.”

 “As part of the ambitious technological renovation project being undertaken at our centre, the communications part posed different challenges. On the one hand, we had to adapt our Internet connectivity to the speeds already offered by the academic networks (up to 100 Gb/s), which we were not offering to our users due to hardware limitations. On the other hand, it was time to take a major leap forward in communications monitoring and security.

But there was also a third challenge, a more tedious one technically and administratively: the installation, commissioning and migration of the systems, without incurring significant outages, which included night-time interventions. We can say that the project has been executed very satisfactorily and all challenges have been successfully met,” explained José Manuel Martínez García, Systems Coordinator at SCAyLE

The project with SCAyLE cements Altia’s expertise and leadership in the field of cybersecurity. We provide innovative and secure solutions to help all types of organisations meet today’s technological challenges