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#AltiaDigitalHub is an opportunity. The opportunity to complete your technological training and acquire the necessary skills to develop your professional career with guarantees.

Why do we want to meet you?

Human capital is already considered a key element in the success of any business project. And we know that part of that digital talent, is in the classrooms.

The program #AltiaDigitalHub aims to respond to the concerns of all those who are finishing or have just completed their training.


With experiences adapted to each one of the needs through different modalities of internship programs.

Why #AltiaDigitalHub?

This program is aimed at recent graduates or students who are about to finish their studies, who would like to participate in an internships or scholarships program, and our objective is to offer these candidates the opportunity to complete their training in these initial stages of learning and to acquire the necessary skills to develop their professional career with guarantees.

Irene Caramés, IT Recruiter.

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