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Cybersecurity is not a trend or a fad, but a necessity that has grown exponentially in recent years. We spoke to Pablo Gil, account manager at Altia, about his forecasts for the near future.

In recent years we have witnessed an increase in the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks on governments, public administrations and businesses. This has been further aggravated by the international geopolitical situation, which has brought the matter to the forefront. Cybersecurity is now considered one of the main priorities of any organisation.

The growing complexity of cyber-attacks and the speed at which they occur means traditional approaches are losing effectiveness. This is forcing companies to look for new methods of protection, such as AI-based detection with autonomous response solutions.


This landscape has also led to increased awareness among company managers, who will increasingly be encouraging the development of regular proactive cybersecurity practices, such as vulnerability scanning or penetration testing.

Finally, another factor that must be taken into account is the rise in workload migrations to the cloud, brought about by the growth of remote working in our hyperconnected world, which will also force companies to strengthen security in cloud environments.

Pablo Gil

Pablo Gil

Account Manager