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The General meeting of shareholders of the company approved the accounts for the year 2017

Press release. A Coruña, June 06, 2018.

Altias General Meeting of Shareholders, gathered this afternoon in A Coruña, have approved the company's accounts for the year 2017. The figures show that the company will pay out a total of 2,033,455.50 euros in dividends from last years profits, which in absolute terms means the pay-out is 33.6% more than in 2016 The net amount of Altias turnover reached 64.709.610 euros in 2017, 3% below the previous year. "We can say that we have practically repeated the results from 2016," said the company's president, adding that the figures “in combination with the profitability, and with the power of the balance sheet and turnover, demonstrates the strength of the project".

The investment in talent is maintained

In parallel, the EBITDA of Altia amounted to 8.9 million euros and its net profit stood at 6.1 million euros. “I reiterate my satisfaction with the results, as they are good in comparison with our competitors,” said Tino Fernández. In line with the accounts from last year, the president of the company also stated that "the actions to continue growing have been taken and will continue to be taken in the future when necessary; our financial capacity to undertake new investment is intact and the investment in talent remains".

Junta de Accionistas Altia