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The Internet is far from its initial approach as a means of consultation, it has become an extension of brands that, in the middle of the digital age, enjoy the ability to be 24 X 7 available to their customers.

The Internet has become an extension of the brands that, in the midst of the digital era, enjoy the ability to be 24 X 7 within reach of their customers, in a two-way relationship in which both contribute and consume information and which is far from their initial approach as a means of consultation.

In this digitized world, the customer seeks immediacy in their relationship with the brands with which they interact, while companies need enough agility to react efficiently in a changing environment and with continuous feedback (ratings, comments, favorites, history shopping, sharing on social networks, ...). The processing of all this data has taken a great leap forward thanks to the development of artificial intelligence (AI), which has allowed a very high degree of customer knowledge and a rapid adaptation to their needs.

In parallel, through social networking integration platforms and technologies such as voice assistants, companies can communicate and establish business ties with their customers or prospects, and take advantage of omnibus communication channels and technologies to establish hyper-personalised communications and experiences regardless of the device the customer is using.

All of the above requires having the right infrastructures and appropriate privacy and data protection plans to ensure that these technologies ensure optimal and complete data management while respecting the privacy and security that the end customer always demands.

Javier Padín Martinez and Francisco Rego Guerreiro, project manager.