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The project, which involves agile technologies to optimise business computing systems, will allow the European organisation to make a qualitative leap in the management of its administrative processes.

We have been selected by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) to lead the evolution and maintenance of its business computing applications. This five-year project underlines our commitment to innovation and agile development, using Scrum and SAFe methodologies in one of the most advanced and complex research environments in the world. 

CERN, known globally for operating the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, is a beacon of European and global scientific research. Its contributions to the field of physics include milestones such as the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the World Wide Web. This research centre is not only a pillar for the advancement of scientific knowledge, but also an incubator for transformative technologies.

The organisation saw the need to evolve and maintain its essential administrative systems (from human resources to logistics) to support its global operations and research projects. CERN turned to Altia to adopt agile development methodologies for these systems, seeking to improve efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness to rapid technological and business change.

Altia has proven experience in implementing agile methodologies like Scrum and SAFe in technologically complex environments. We have also demonstrated our ability to manage multidisciplinary agile development teams and have taken part in various projects for European and international organisations.

We will provide development services based on a wide range of technologies, especially JavaScript, Java and Oracle. Our agile and multidisciplinary development teams will work in close cooperation with CERN’s Business Computing group, ensuring the operation, maintenance and evolution of custom developments that meet CERN’s administrative needs in critical areas such as human resources, finance, procurement and logistics.


“Looking ahead, this collaboration promises not only to advance efficiency and innovation within CERN, but also to be a milestone in the application of agile methodologies in the area of business computing” says Jorge Saenz, Account Manager at Altia

This project not only strengthens our position as a leader in agile development, but is also a unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of science and technology globally. The collaboration between Altia and CERN is a testament to the potential of technological innovation to support scientific research and improve complex administrative processes.