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At Altia, talent management begins before incorporating it, with its selection. It is at that moment that we establish the criteria that will determine whether or not a person fits in with the values of the company and, therefore, with our culture.

Once candidate/employee and culture aligned we must think about the well-being of the staff and enable internal communication channels aimed at strengthening their sense of belonging and commitment to Altia. It is also key to be aligned with the objectives and expectations of our team to be able to advance all in the same direction and bring value in our day to day, maintaining their motivation and involvement.

And we must not forget the need to support professional development by continuously improving skills and knowledge, through ad hoc training for the projects or tools that are necessary in the market so that they feel more competent and up-to-date professionals.

In Altia, the generational pact is a fact. There is a large majority of young people and for those people a bit older, there is a feeling of similarity and the age gap is not noticeable perhaps because of being with younger people and perhaps because technology partly forces you to be young.

The great challenge that we face at Altia in this area is to properly identify young people with high potential, so that they do not fall by the wayside, to bet on them and accompany them, to invest in training and to gradually assign them new responsibilities in the company's management. We are working on a specific high-impact project in this regard.

Identify and engage our future leaders

The Millennial generation and the rapid growth of the technology sector has forced us to develop new talent attraction policies and strengthen our brand as a generator of employment.

Attracting and retaining talent is a challenge for us and our industry. For this reason, we have analyzed what interests’ new talent:

  • Promoting the compatibility of personal and professional life: this factor stands out above the others and to achieve this we have implemented several measures in relation to conciliation: telework, flexible schedule, summer timetable.
  • Offer opportunities for growth within the company: our career plan offers the necessary transparency so that people who want to grow professionally can be aware of the path they can follow. In positions of responsibility, internal talent is prioritized before incorporating a person from outside of Altia.
  • Continuous training and personal development: we have strengthened our annual training plan by perceiving this point as a differential factor in making the decision to choose our company. We care about expanding knowledge and improving your technical and personal skills.
  • Good work environment: working in a friendly, collaborative and non-competitive work environment is key in any sector and job. And it is an innate feature of Altia that emerges from the selection of talent. However, we collaborate in their strengthening with training in the field of agile project management or how to improve communication between teams.