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In a joint venture with Ayesa, we are part of the exclusive selection of 13 companies that will be eligible to modernise and digitise Spain’s banking supervisor with a focus on data. This gives us the opportunity to participate in tenders (divided into three lots) with the largest financial endowment.

We have been chosen by the Bank of Spain as one of the companies on which the institution will rely to bid for the tenders planned to tackle its digitalisation over the next four years, which could amount to 221 million euros

The framework agreement will allow the company to take part in the Bank of Spain’s tenders for technological services, which will only be open to the 13 companies selected by the banking supervisor, including us. 

Altia, which bid for the tenders in a joint venture with Ayesa, will participate in the three lots into which the mega-contract has been divided. The aim is the technological modernisation of the Bank of Spain through its digitalisation and by becoming a data-oriented organisation. Our service proposal has been the most highly rated in the highest-priced lots

The first lot comprises the provision of a range of services including support and maintenance of business initiatives and solutions with a budget of up to 151 million euros. The second comprises tenders related to technology platforms and infrastructure, and is valued at 63.6 million euros. The third, at 6 million euros, is aimed at providing technical advisory and consultancy services with project and quality management, ensuring the availability, security and efficiency of the Bank of Spain’s systems and applications. This project includes the provision of a help desk and technical support for incidents related to the use of systems and applications. It also entails work to bolster the capacity of the supervisor’s IT department, for the development and support needed to address future projects and initiatives.

Through this agreement, we will be able to bid for contracts for the evolution, support and maintenance of business initiatives and solutions, tech platforms and infrastructure, including technical advice and consultancy services, as well as quality and project management services for the financial institution.

Altia and Ayesa’s joint proposal was the best rated out of the seven approved bids in the first two lots, with a technical score of 50 points out of 50, which allows direct access to projects for amounts not exceeding €60,000. 

Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, hyper-automation and new low-code development paradigms are creating a multitude of opportunities and challenges for all organisations. Financial institutions, especially an indispensable one such as the Bank of Spain, must make a clear commitment to technology as a transformative lever to improve productivity, service quality and security,” says  Alberto Loureiro, director of Altia. “The fact that Altia, in a joint venture with Ayesa, is among the companies chosen by the entity to bid for its tenders makes us incredibly proud and presents us with a challenge to which we are fully committed to contribute our knowledge, experience and innovative capabilities and ensure that the solutions and services provided are of the highest quality and aligned with the objectives and expectations of the Spanish central bank”.

According to Belén González, account manager at Altia, “we are in a very good position with the joint venture between Altia and Ayesa for the tenders to be launched by the Bank of Spain. Both companies’ combined knowledge, teams and services will allow us to offer the Bank of Spain a coordinated and unique vision.  

The Bank of Spain is a public entity responsible for the supervision of the Spanish banking system and other financial intermediaries operating in Spain. The central bank aims to adapt and progress at all times in the face of an ever-changing economic and social environment, especially in the field of technology. 

This approval underlines the importance of cooperation between financial institutions and tech companies, not only in terms of maintenance of existing systems, but also to ensure that technological infrastructures can adapt and evolve in line with the demands of a constantly changing and developing financial environment. The initiative is an important step towards the future of the Bank of Spain’s IT operations and systems for the coming years.