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These days (28, 29 and 30 May) a new edition of the Medcap Forum is held at the Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid, bringing together more than 100 companies listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and more than 150 institutional, national and international investors.

Altia has been represented by its president, Tino Fernández, its finance director, Ignacio Cabanas, the secretary of the Board of Directors, Manuel Gómez-Reino and Dolores Suárez, responsible for Investor Relations.

During the meeting there have been alternating conferences and round tables on topics related to the Alternative Stock Market, in which managers and fund managers of listed companies participate, as well as important academics and institutions.

In parallel with the conferences, the directors of the companies listed on this market present their companies to investors, either through private meetings “one on one” or through “discovery meetings”. On this special occasion, Altia is celebrating its 25th anniversary and our president Tino Fernández yesterday gave a presentation to showcase the milestones achieved by the Company in the last few months, as well as the future challenges faced by Altia to continue on the path of growth and solvency initiated in 1994.

The Forum aims to generate a favourable climate for the increase of transparency and improvement of the relations with the markets, with the main objective of promoting the liquidity and the financing capacity of the enterprises of small and medium capitalization listed on the Stock exchange.