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A fourth edition in which we stand out with 4 stars in the category of people.

The Atlas Gallego de la Empresa Comprometida is a project promoted by Economía Digital Galicia that seeks for lay the foundations for a new way of understanding the relationship between companies with their environment and Galician society.

In this edition, in which 80 companies participated, we were among the 11 companies that achieved a minimum of 3 companies in all categories.

This places us alongside such outstanding companies as Caetano Fórmula Galicia, Congalsa, Emalcsa, Gadisa, Ibercisa, Inditex, Kaleido Ideas & Logistics, Moonoff, Optare Solutions and Vegalsa-Eroski.

Highlights the score obtained in the category of people, which takes into account the evolution of the staff, their salary based on the increase in prices, parity and equality in the workforce, attention to disability and the participation of workers in the company's decision-making process. In this category, we have been awarded a 4-star rating.

In addition, the Atlas also places Altia among the companies with the best score in the Ethics variable.

One of the main conclusions of the Atlas is that digitisation and R&D spending are the two preferred areas of investment among participating companies.