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Altia has started the second phase of the implementation of SOA, the corporate platform of the Xunta de Galicia that will offer a solution to the management of the large volume and heterogeneity of the information systems that support their administrative processes.

The Xunta de Galicia is one of the most complex corporations from the point of view of the number and heterogeneity of the information systems that their administrative processes support.

Altia Canarias

In 2017, Altia began its collaboration with the Amtega Architectural Group (part of its Safety and Quality Department) with the execution of phase I of the implementation of its corporate SOA platform.

During this phase I, we started from the technological base provided by the interoperability platform selected by Amtega (WSO2 Enterprise Integrator) to adapt it as much as possible to the particular context and corporate needs: integration with its authentication and authorization system, implementation of QoS throttling policies, time-outs, retries, cache, flow control, security, monitoring and analytical needs, etc.

Main objectives to be achieved in phase II

  • Provide developers and managers of interoperable components with new tools to facilitate the development of interoperable services and their governance (API store, API lifecycle management tools, etc.).
  • Definition of a corporate microservice architecture, which allows decoupling insulating and nuclear elements from the electronic administration of your current backends, deploying them in light microservice containers.
  • Definition and implementation of a robust architecture that supports asynchronous interoperability services and microservices. Phase II will conclude with the implementation of new structures in the SOA interoperability architecture. Development standards will be elaborated, use cases and training actions will be executed for technical personnel who develop projects for the organization.