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Virtualization, University of Burgos

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: University of Burgos

Solution: Virtualization, hyper-convergence


Altia has designed, implemented and maintained a virtualization platform that has consolidated the different servers into a single platform, which includes high availability and disaster recovery & backup/restore functionalities.

Apart from the solution, also the migration and virtualization of existing platforms has been provided. Minimizing the impact on the business and allowing a longer lifespan of the different solutions, operating costs have also been reduced by the lower amount of required management and its centralization.


  • High availability patform implementation, with disaster recovery capability (double Data Center) and backup functionalities.
  • Decrease administrative and management costs of multiple patforms and suppliers.
  • Data Center virtualization in order to reduce the implementation time of new solutions.
  • Deduplication functionalities introduction in order to increase the use of resources efficiency.