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The new IT platform of Chile’s National Employment Agency

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: Chile’s National Employment Agency

Solution: Development, administration and IT platform maintenance


Altia is the responsable of the new IT development in the National Employment Agency (BNE), depending on the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevention. Through the BNE, the Government of Chile provides benefits to people who have lost their jobs and, at the same time, favours job search by mainly allowing potential employers to offer job vacancies.

The wide experience of our company in the implementation of IT solutions (for different public administrations in our country), related to the management of activation, insertion and labour intermediation has been decisive in obtaining the award of this contract.


The contract has the goal to carry out a new computer development for the BNE and, until it is not operative, to continue with the administration of the current platform. Once the new computer system is developed, Altia will also take care of its administration and maintenance under the signed contract.

In addition to this, plans have been made to set up a Help Desk for the current and new IT platform of the BNE, as well as the supply, installation, maintenance and hosting of its technological infrastructure. In addition, another aspect of the service is the design, implementation and execution of a dissemination plan to increase the number of companies that will publish their offers in the BNE, as well as the number of applications for them by claimants.