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Learning virtual environment, Amtega

Innovation and applied transformation

Client: Amtega

Solution: School learning virtual environment


Development and setting up of a learning virtual environment within the E-DIXGAL initiative in the Galician non-university education sector. The platform offers many advanced student supervising options, with assessable activities for the tracking and the possibility to expose particular routes according to specific needs.

The platform also has a content generation environment that allows teachers to generate a vast variety of educational resources and the creation of didactic complementary units aside from the official agenda.

150 educational centers

within the initiative.

10.000 students

that benefit from the initiative.

1.000 teachers

use the virtual environment.


  • Develop the daily educational activity in a digital environment.
  • Teachers can prepare their own “digital school bag”, selecting formative contents.
  • Incorporate the complementary materials they wish.
  • Incorporate self-elaboration contents.
  • Students activities tracking.