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Development and implantation of different projects, Enusa

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: Enusa

Solution: Implantation and Development


Development and implantation and projects for more than 10 years.

Achieved projects

  • MEDEA: analysis, development and production system that regulates the manufactures of fuel for ENUSA. MEDEA covers the places in the factory, assuring the tracking of all the manufacturing of nuclear fuel.
  • URANO: management system on which the supplies of uranium will be counted (in the factory, rewarded and conversors, as well as the arrival of the UO2 and the way out of the flammable elements to/from the factory of Juzbado, Salamanca), previsions of uranium are executed and controlled.
  • Pegaso: control system and digression management and creation of fuel elements.
  • Locations: analysis, development and management tools productions of the store that allows to locate at all times the quantities and enhancement of uranium in the powder store in the factory of fuel in Juzbado.