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Cybersecurity, ICO

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: ICO (Instituto de Crédito Oficial)

Solution: Cybersecurity


The ICO holds critical information from both government and business. Security is a key element in the constant evolution of threats, corporate espionage and the complexity of today's technological environment.

Provided services in the security sector:

  • Information security solution by means of transparent strong encryption.
  • Integrated solution for information leakage control by means of EndPoint.
  • Integrated solution in EndPoint and Antimalware.
  • Remote support and solutions maintenanc, integrated in your IT support service.


More than 4 years in collaboration with EUIPO.

Integrated solutions

In the whole process.


  • Safeguard information in case of an incident by encrypting the information using strong and transparent encryption for authorized users.
  • Boost security in EndPoint, an essential level in the management of information and critical point in leakage, filtration or data theft.