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Cybersecurity, EUIPO

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)

Solution: Cybersecurity


The EUIPO Convergence Plan defined a challenging action plan roadmap in the area of cybersecurity and information security, both in the evolution of the central infrastructure and in some aspects of national agencies. Below security services have been provided:

  • Consultancy and implementation of cybersecurity and information security solutions, contingency, intrusion, etc.
  • Software security, information and infrastructure: Systems, Networks and EndPoint.
  • Managed security.


More than 4 years in collaboration with EUIPO.

Integrated solutions

In the whole process.


  • Software and infrastructure Outsourcing, adapting EUIPO’s model to a new IT aligned business approach and migrating channels to online.
  • To renew and implement most of the systems and services, ensuring the solidity and security of all of them with an impact on all EU countries.
  • Design, adapt, maintain and operate the cybersecurity services of public networks and interconnection of European Intellectual Property Offices.