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Coruña Millennium Card

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: A Coruña Townhall

Solution: Citizen card

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Altia has joined in the development and implementation of the Citizen Card in A Coruña City townhall. With this project, access to every single one of the municipal services of the city townhall is achieved through a single support: the citizen card.

The new card is configured as an element of identification, but also has two electronic wallets that can be used in transport, ORA, municipal museums,…

More than 160,000 units!

Issued cards.


Integration of all services under development.

Better service

Citizenship with all services in theirs hands.


  • To have a single identification and micropayment system of citizens in all municipal services.
  • To speed up and make easier the most common micropayments: urban transport, ORA, municipal taxes, entrances to enclosures.
  • Obtain cross-information on the use of the different municipal services by citizens in order to analyse and reorient the offer of municipal services to their specific needs.