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Automatic translation services, EUIPO

Innovation and applied transformation

Client: EUIPO

Solution: Multilingual Communication Management


The launch of the case-law (Case Law eSearch) search system for the European Union Intellectual Property (EUIPO). This service is part of the initiative "Multilingual Communication Management", framed within the Strategic Plan 2020 of the agency.

Through this service, automatic translations are provided through a machine translation system, in most of the languages of the European Union, for any of the decisions taken by the EUIPO. This allows any user to access them in their own language, free of charge, easy and immediate.

Technological platform

eSearch Case Law
  • Previous benchmarking and consultancy tasks to analyze the technical feasibility of the different machine translation systems (Google Translator and MT @ EC - machine translation services available from the European Commission).
  • Evaluation of the quality of the translation, the preservation of the format of the documents sent to be translated and the response time needed to get the document translated.
  • Integration of the documentary repository of EUIPO decisions (based on Alfresco) with the MT @ EC automatic translation through web services.
  • Definition and implementation of translation work-flows.