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Did you know that we are working with the via satellite connection vehicles? Did you know that we helped to improve the quality life of arthrosis patients? Or that we actively participated in cities transformation?

Because we are sure that unifying our talent, we will change the way to see things.

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We are a leading company with 24 years of experience, with an innovative and global perspective, always based on the development of people.

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Dinámicas Teambuilding con Lego Serious Play
We apply Lego Serious Play for Teambuilding Dynamics
altiacompany | 03 October

Yesterday, the Altia selection team had a Team Building session using the Lego Serious Play methodology, with our partner Alejandro Tuñas García as master of

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Marshmallow Challenge Altia
Marshmallow Challenge, child's play or a challenge for great professionals
altiacompany | 25 June

This challenge has been fashionable for a few years now and as a curious fact, you will like to know that children just out of kindergarten have a higher

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Apuesta por el talento
The commitment to internal talent: motivation and first level knowledge
altiacompany | 14 March

The rise of technology in companies demands more qualified professionals. The ICT industry is becoming the driving force behind most sectors of the

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Recursos humanos y nuevas tecnologías
The role of HR teams in cultural and technological changes within the company
altiacompany | 18 February

Today, companies are moving within a complicated, highly changing and globalized environment. This is mainly due to the impact of new technologies, which

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#AltiaTechDay, an initiative for the training of young people in advanced technologies
altiacompany | 09 January

Altia presents the #AltiaTechDay program, a series of workshops with which it aims to bring its most cutting-edge knowledge in technology to future

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USC Award
Altia Award for the best TFG in Computer Engineering of the USC
altiacompany | 07 November

Altia has just announced an agreement with the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).The objective of this agreement is the implementation of a set of

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