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2023 Sustainability Report

In this document, we report on Altia Group’s evolution, results and performance in terms of sustainability in 2023.

Our ESG (environmental, social and governance) approach emphasises our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, concern for people’s well-being and the importance of sound corporate governance in our business and decision-making.

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We strive to shape a technology industry that is more equitable and committed to human rights, where all people have the opportunity to grow and thrive.

Constantino Fernández · Chair of the Board

Tino Fernández

Our commitment

Being #moresustainable

as a principle, goal and purpose



We set up the Sustainability Coordination department to bolster our strategy by applying ESG criteria in all areas of our business.

Josefina Fernández · Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sustainability Coordination

Josefina Fernández

Our contribution to the 2030 Agenda

At Altia, we recognise the urgency of addressing climate change and we take responsibility for reducing carbon emissions.

In 2023 we verified the carbon footprint of our Vigo data centre under the GHG Protocol for scope 1 and 2. This is a significant step forward, since the data centre accounts for almost 80% of our emissions.

Acciones medio ambiente

Our progress and initiatives

Committed to environmental sustainability

Punto Tech


Plantando una Isla de Biodiversidad

Planting a Biodiversity Island

Tapones para una nueva vida

Caps for a new life

Día Mundial de la Ecología

World Ecology Day

Alianza Gallega por el Clima


Members of the Galician Climate Alliance

This alliance represents a joint effort from various public and private entities to search for collaborative solutions to environmental challenges. As a member, we have reaffirmed the importance of cross-sectoral partnerships to effectively address environmental problems.

Our approach focuses on valuing and empowering the people making up our team, while engaging with the community around us.

The Group’s achievements have been possible thanks to a team of people committed to our strategic project and business culture: continuous improvement, results orientation, teamwork, communication, initiative, enthusiasm, innovation and motivation.

Together, we are building a better future for all.

Acciones en los social

Social action

Positively impacting society

Acciones sociales


Social initiatives

Altia Premia TFG

‘Altia Premia’ dissertation awards

Inspira STEAM

Inspiring STEAM

Technovation Girls

Technovation Girls

Decimos NO a la violencia de género

We say NO to gender-based violence



Sempre Mulher Race

Sempre Mulher Race

Noesis Best Workplaces Europe
Best Places to Work in Europe Noesis_an_Altia_Company


Best Places to Work in Europe

According to Great Place To Work, Noesis ranked 12 in the category of Large Companies with more than 500 employees in recognition of our trust-based culture and our excellent working environment. We are the only Portuguese company in this list of 50 organisations.

This ranking puts the spotlight on companies that create a great Workplace For All experience.

For this nomination, it is crucial to listen to employees to find out how they feel about the working environment and how they assess the organisation’s trust, innovation, internal and external initiatives, values and leadership.


At Altia, we understand that good governance is not simply an obligation, but a commitment rooted in our core values.

Stable growth, proven solvency and intact values demonstrate our long-term vision.

Ignacio Cabanas · Financial Officer

Ignacio Cabanas

We are guided by our core values.

The fundamental values that guide our actions are:

Client orientation

Autonomy and initiative

Integrity, accountability and compliance

Adaptability to change

Results orientation

Impacto en el buen gobierno