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Altia Group Ethical Channel - Noesis

Communication channel for queries, irregularities and suggestions

Ethical Channel

We guarantee an objective and confidential analysis of the communications received, through an Altia Group Internal Reporting System, managed and supervised by the Group's Internal Compliance Bodies, which in no case will disclose the name of the whistleblower except with his or her express consent.

If you so wish, you may submit your report anonymously, which will be handled in that manner.

Our commitment: To guarantee an objective and confidential analysis of the received communications, through an internal Altia Group/NOESIS information system, directed and supervised by the Group's Regulatory Compliance bodies, which will in no case reveal the name of the whistleblower, except with their express and unequivocal consent.

In the case of anonymous whistleblowing, Altia Group is committed to respecting the anonymity that the whistleblower wishes to maintain, regardless of the detail of the information contained in the report and regardless of the possibility of identifying the reporter through the facts described.

To submit a complaint, a query or a suggestion, please fill in the form below:

In the event that you select anonymity, we inform you that we will not be able to keep you informed of the resolution of the query/complaint you make. Likewise, we also want to inform you that the fact of selecting anonymity could hinder the investigation work associated with the information provided or even the protection of people who may have been the object of the irregular situation that could be reported to us. In this sense, we inform you that even if you opted for the non-anonymity option, the outsourcing of the ethical channel is precisely planned to protect your identity during the process of investigating the information provided, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality and indemnity of the informant, in accordance with current regulations
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